Tatiana Bohm’s years of artistic work led her to re-appropriate the
various techniques acquired during her textile design studies. She
operates on and with images of the violence of this world : war,
colonization, torture, destruction, political and religious tyranny.
Embroidered, the map of the world oozes with gushes of blood ; felted,
it represents the global fire to come ; apertured, the oriental carpet
reveals an image of the destruction of Syria.

Her work also develops through a know-how of acting on matter. She
performs repetitive gestures on the chosen media, using manual work
techniques (piercing, rubbing down, burning, soldering, …) The initial
use of the tool shifts towards another medium that bears witness to the
creative action of the artist, thus giving it new meaning (pierced
plastic soldiers, history of art rubbed down, …).
For Tatiana Bohm, each work of art is a field of action, whatever the
medium : sculpture, installation, performance, drawing, video,
photography, …

Put together, these various axes of work give shape to the worldview she
offers us to behold : a History readjusted with meaning and sensitivity,
the use of materials maximising its incarnation.

In her latest installations, which deal with the extraction of resources
and colonial reparation, the artist opens new avenues for research that
integrate the collective gesture, in the form of a performative and
participatory installation. The individual artistic gesture shifts
towards a collective construction of the art work. This direct
involvement leads the visitor to actively ponder over these historical


  • Sub terra
    du 25 février au 14 mai 2023 La Maison des Arts de Schaerbeek accueille l’exposition collective Sub terra. À l’occasion de l’exposition Sub terra, la Maison des Arts accueille une dizaine d’artistes internationaux présentant des œuvres autour du thème de la mémoire et des ressources terrestres. L’exposition nous invite à lire notre civilisation sous forme …
  • Galerie Les Drapiers : Impossibles Réparations
    Du 8 octobre au 19 novembre 2022, Les Drapiers présentent une exposition d’installations performatives de l’artiste engagée Tatiana Bohm, Impossibles réparations. Par un biais métaphorique, 3 installations participatives mettent en scène l’extraction des ressources de matières premières. Les matériaux utilisés sont sujet, medium, et support aux mécanismes actionnés par les visiteurs qui rejouent le pillage, …
  • 21e Biennale internationale «Petit Format de Papier»
    03.09 – 02.10.2022 – Salle d’exposition CC Action-Sud – Nismes > Vernissage : vendredi 02.09 de 18h à 22h 09.10 – 31.12.2022 – Musée de l’Ardenne – Charleville-Mézières – France > Vernissage : samedi 08.10 de 19h à 1h («Nuit Blanche») https://www.museedupetitformat.be/blog/bi22